Ana Balat


We live in an era of astounding economic change that is reshaping the fundamentals of the near- and long-term future of the West. Ana Balat adheres to a contrarian approach, and endorses corporations and entrepreneurs capable to lead society to new shores. In sum, entrepreneurs who are not satisfied with conventional methods of mere business analysis and procurement. Their and our driving force is a strong creative individualism, a capability for understanding today’s changing markets, and for break-through performance.

Ana Balat’s management has a long-standing track record, and has acted as lead adviser in the structuring and negotiating of transactions in emerging markets since the late 1980s. We come from well-established traditions within the financial markets, and we aim to continue and benefit from those traditions. Factors that drive our performance are the ability for rigorous analysis of economic macro- and market trends, to identify undervalued securities, to generate alpha returns, an acute sense of investment timing, and excellent financial structuring skills.