Ana Balat

Private Equity

The perceived attractiveness of Afro-Eurasian markets has risen considerably over the past years. Private equity investment provides an opportunity to those investors seeking to invest in alternative asset classes and to benefit from the growth of these regions.

Afro-Eurasian markets provide, however, considerable obstacles such as weak legal and regulatory frameworks, low liquidity, and the often hampered development and execution of investment projects. Ana Balat Limited (Mauritius) takes a measured approach to risks in the region and is prepared to take a planned, long-term approach to execution and creating investor value.

The firm focuses on “hard assets“ such as commodities, commodity-related infrastructure, oil & gas, mining and minerals, agriculture, and commercial real estate. Ana Balat takes more than 70 per cent of its business from the region, and provides cross-border investment advisory, debt/equity, and portfolio management under mandate. We collaborate with qualified professional investors, investment brokers, international corporations, asset managers, investment trusts, private equity firms, and family offices.

Proper conduct of business activities in accordance with the firm’s corporate values and principles is the fundamental precept for our long-term business and stakeholder value creation. Our firm is fully committed to ethical conduct and the implementation of effective compliance and risk management across all areas of our operations.

Ana Balat’s representative offices in Cairo, Casablanca, Lagos, Almaty (2018) and Hong Kong do not conduct regulated activities.